Heunggongyan, Hongkonger – an introduction to this blog

I have thought about opening this blog for some time and have decided to make up my mind to do it at the beginning of 2016.

As a heunggongyan (Hongkonger), I have asked myself if I should just write my own thoughts about what’s happening in my hometown Hong Kong and other issues around the world in my mother tongue – Cantonese. However, I have decided to write in English, my second language. It’s not because how much I miss the British colonial period when I was born in Hong Kong. Instead, I do feel the need to write in a language which I can communicate with most people in the world which happens to be English in our time.

I consider this blog as a platform for communications, and therefore I would like to learn from others about the issues I would like to discuss instead of presenting myself as any kind of expert.

I’m sure I will learn a lot in this journey of writing.