Can we trust Microsoft any more?

There are certainly many imminent issues around the world that need attention. However, I have decided to write my first blog post on email security as it’s not just about our privacy but also about why we simply let such a company deal with our communication data without any intention to respect consumers’ rights.

I’m not an IT expert but as a user, I think I have much justification to say why we should all question Microsoft about the security of its email service and its position on not warning users that their email accounts have been hacked. If you are still not convinced and believe that there’s nothing to worry about our email communication, please read these reports about how Microsoft decided not to inform Tibetan and Uighur hack victims.

Like many people, I have many email accounts for communicating with different people – colleagues, friends, activists and others. However, I decided to stop using my Hotmail accounts after reading various reports about the email service’s security issues a few years ago. Of course, all email service can also be subjected to the risk of being hacked. But a company’s attitude in handling such problem speaks for itself. If you finds out the problem but you don’t even bother to inform your customers, how can we still trust that company any more?

As mentioned above, the recent reports about the hack victims are Tibetans and Uighurs. But what about users in Hong Kong and the rest of the world? Can Microsoft disclose more information to users and to the public?

I do feel that it’s legitimate for us to ask Microsoft these questions.