Official Warning Not to “Politicize” everything?

What’s more weird than an official warning people not to “politicize” issues?  Being a politician in power can tell people not to “politicize everything” and just accept whatever the government does?

It’s not even an issue about democracy or authoritarianism. Even an authorian regime would not need to deny that everything involves the government and its governance is inevitably about politics and the issues the government deals with are thus inevitably political issues. 

Zhang Dejiang, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress – China’s third-ranked Communist Party leader, said Hong Kong should not “politicize everything” and should instead focus on integrating Hong Kong’s economy with China’s, Hong Kong delegates to the National People’s Congress told media.

It might seem familiar to people in Hong Kong to hold such mindset as it was a common belief among Hongkongers even during the British colonial era. Pragmatism is almost like a synonym for Hong Kong spirits for decades. Economy prevails everything else, certainly more than politics. So, should we simply embrace this mindset as “a golden rule” when we deal with issues in Hong Kong and China nowadays?

Stupidity can still be ridiculed and can least provide some amusement for casual chats. Self-sufficiency is simply terrible.


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